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It's Fun to be Prepared!

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The goal of my "It's Fun To Be Prepared" program is to provide an new and unique way of educating families on how to be prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster. As a member of the Emergency Management profession at one of the largest family entertainment venues, I began to look for better ways of communicating the message of emergency preparedness, especially in the home.

When I thought back to my childhood, I can remember when my neighborhood friends and I would collect money throughout our small city for charity. The one thing that struck me was how Mom, Dad and the family members supported and helped our efforts. So taken my boyhood experiences and combining it with emergency preparedness I came up with this program.

It originally started with a calendar and then a book. It now has grown into this great well themed program. Each item will stand on its own but when they are combined, they will become the "It's Fun To Be Prepared" Home Preparedness Survival Kit. The Survival Kit will be used for fundraising to help support schools, church organization and community clubs.

Byron Snyder

The Book

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In this book the Bowser Boys will show how to make an emergency plan, hold family drills, and how to create a home emergency kit. They will talk about how to prepare for a fire, earthquake, natural disasters and general emergencies. It is part text book, part fun activity book.

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The Calendar

Our new 2017 IT'S FUN TO BE PREPARED Calendar will be available for FREE when you purchase our IT'S FUN TO BE PREPARED! Book. Look for Pre-orders starting on April 1st.
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This calendar helps the family create a home emergency kit. In the calendar is where the Bowser Boys coaches the family on what can be gathered up that will be added to the kit each week. After 52 week a family of four will have a comprehensive family emergency kit that will sustain them for several weeks after a disaster has occurred.
The DVDs

(release dates pending for summer 2017)

In the "It Fun to Be Prepared" instructional animated videos featuring the Bowser Boys will address several emergency or disaster situations and how to survive them. Each video will include helpful tips on emergency preparedness like what to do and what NOT to do.
The Bowser Boys

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(Costumed Characters available 2017)

The Bowser Boys "Live" Costumed Characters can visit schools, church funtions, community fairs and functions to help promote fundraisers and emergency preparedness.

The Bowser Boys are a group of fun-loving, fence-jumping neighborhood family pets that are always looking for a little neighborhood adventure and fun. They were created in the 1980s in a small community newspaper. They are now are committed to helping communities and families throughout the world. They are proud to teach children and families on how to be prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster.


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